Why wind energy?

Why wind energy

The most important reason to invest in wind energy is that it concerns about a renewable energy source. We find availability of energy naturally, but often we do not realise that the production of energy out of gas or coal inflicts permanent damage to our environment. With the combustion of these fuels damaging gasses are released. Think of the greenhouse gas CO2 that with growing emission can lead to a change of our climate. Or nitrogenoxide and sulfuroxide which cause acid rain. Also the fossile fuel stocks will be running out on the long term.

With generation of electricity using wind turbines there are no harmful gasses released. And it will always continue to blow; wind energy is therefore inexhaustible and durable. Each kWh produced with wind energy saves 0.68 kilogrammes of carbondioxide, 0.33 m3 gas and 1.37 gr nitrogendioxide.

In fact the development of wind energy is just at the beginning. Hence governments put much money in the development of renewable energy. In the long run it is expected that the costs of wind energy will be lower than the costs of other forms of energy. When however also the costs of the climate change for the environment are counted in (reheating of surface water for example), the cost of wind energy from a modern turbine are already nearly equal to the integrated cost of a kWh from a conventional generating station. Now damage studies already values the environment costs of the traditional, not renewable energy generation on approximately 3 eurocents by kWh.

For centuries the wind in the Netherlands is used as an energy source. Think about the reclaiming of numerous "polders", that are present in our country. Winds in the Netherlands are favourable. The land is general flat and open. Besides that there are much windy depressions going over the land. Yet the Netherlands achieve less than other Europian countries on the field of wind energy. Denmark, Germany, Spain are leading at the moment.

The dutch government invest extra in renewable energy to come closer to those lands the coming years. In the Summer of 2001 a new convenant was signed with the playful name "BLOW". The starting point with this "BLOW" objective is that in 2010, 1500 Megawatt is generated with dutch windmills. It is left to lower governments (province,municipality) to work out this policy and realise the goals. In 2006 this goal was achieved. The achievement of this goal gives however a wrong image. With the existance of the "BLOW" in the years 200 and 2001 windturbines had only a maximal installed power of about 1.5 Megawatt. In the meantime this is more than 3 Megawatt. The "BLOW" goal should have been adapted to a level of about 3000 Megawatt in 2010.