Reliability wind energy

Reliability wind energy

Also in the Netherlands wind is not always blowing and sometimes it blows so hard that for security reasons a wind turbine must be stopped. The question is therefore how reliable wind energy is.

Most of the people concerned agree that at a wind speed of lower than 4 meters per seconde a wind turbine produces nothing and from 25 m/s it becomes dangerous to keep the turbine working. The area in which a turbine functions well, lies therefore between wind strength 3 and wind strength 9. Thereby it is about the wind speeds at the level of the rotor. Those are two times as high as the wind speeds at a level of 10 meters, the level KNMI in the Netherlands takes. At a wind strength 2 on the ground the turbine can - as it is high enough- already rotate.

Taken over a whole year a turbine - depending on the spot and altitude a turbine has been placed - is not working 2% of the time on average. The remaining 98% of the time the wind speed are well and energy is produced. Thereby is the time for maintenance and repairing neglectable. A good turbine obtains 98% working time easily.

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