Examples of wind turbine projects abroad

Examples wind turbine projects abroad

Below there are some examples of projects abroad for which Kemperman & Partners B.V. has made agreements or was involved in the development:

(1 MW = 1.000.000 W = 1000 kW)


  • Here we have made a number of agreements with projects in different phases of preparation, for example a project in the municipality Zagorow. It is about a total of 456 MW for production of clean energy. This means a total of 152 wind turbines of 3 MW installed output.


  • The wind turbine park will be built in the north east of PRC. This is within PRC one of the most windy locations. It concerns here about a number of phased projects with total capacity of 750 MW. The wind park to be realised will be planned on the basis of the Vestas V-90 (3 MW).

  • Huitengxile Wind Power Farm in Inner Mongolia. Strengthens the position of Chayou Middle County in Inner Mongolia (has China's richest wind power resources) on wind-power development and boosts the local development of economy and also protects the ecological environment. TOTAL INSTALLATION CAPACITY can become 3500 MW.


  • On the island Prince Edward Island at the east coast of Canada we are busy with 5 projects. It is about a total of 60 wind turbines of 3 MW. For 3 projects preparations activities have been started.


  • The wind turbine park will be built in the south west of Spain. This is in the part of Spain in an area with a good wind profile. There are three joined projects with a capacity of 80 MW. Calculations have been made with 26 Vestas V90-3.0 MW and 1 Vestas V80-2.0 MW.


  • The project in Turkey has a forecast of 30 MW installed capacity.


  • The wind turbine park has been planned on the northern part of Sicilie. The developed project has a capacity of 54 MW and maybe extended to 62 MW.


  • The proposed project is a grid-coupled wind park of 69 MW existing of 23 wind turbines of 3 MW wind turbines each. These wind turbines have a hub height of approximately 80 meters.

    Furthermore Kemperman & partners are involved in projects in France, Morocco, Greece, Belgium, Sri Lanka, India, afghanistan, United States.

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