The output van wind energy

The output of wind energy

The capacity of wind turbines is generally expressed in the capacity per hour under optimum circumstances. The maximum capacity of wind turbines has increased considerably the previous years. The reason for this is that the size has increased, but also especially by technological improvements. Meanwhile turbines are placed with a maximum capacity of 3000 kW (3.0 MW) and more.

The maximum capacity however gives little information on the production of a wind turbine seen over a complete year. It is important to do a good forecast of the wind speeds on a certain spot and also to know how much time a turbine does not work concerning maintenance and such. Meanwhile it is possible in the Netherlands to do reliable forecasts in advance concerning the wind speed. Here we spend much attention to, because this is the basis for a justified investment decision.

A wind turbine with a maximum capacity of 2 MW (2000 kW) and a height of the axle of 70 meters has an output over a complete year, at an average wind speed of 7 m/s (layer country West/in the middle of the Netherlands), of more than 5.500.000 kWh. Sufficiently for the electricity usage of more than 1600 families. As the same turbine is placed at an other place this output can be higher or lower. The overview mentioned below is realistic for the aforementioned turbine.

wind speed -- output in kWh/year

5 m/s ----------- 2.400.000

6 m/s ----------- 3.900.000

7 m/s ----------- 5.500.000

8 m/s ----------- 7.200.000

Sometimes placement of wind turbines is considered at a low wind output, because for example the capital outlay are low. On the other hand is placement at a high wind output sometimes not recommendable (for example in sea), because the capital outlay are too high and the total becomes therefore unprofitable (see also costs and output).

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