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Welcome to Kemperman & partners Wind Turbine & Solar projects Ltd

Kemperman & partners is the ideal party to assist you when you have plans to set up a wind turbine or solar project. Also when you are already involved in a project and independent recommendation can be used we can offer this service. The previous years we were involved in the realization of a lot of projects in the native country and foreign countries. Besides in the Netherlands we are also involved at projects in Poland, Spain, France, Greece, Belgium, Italy, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Canada, United States and China.

Kemperman & partners characterise themselves by expertise and independence. There is absolutely no tie with other parties in the wind turbine world. You remain therefore entirely free in the choice of for example financiers or energy consumers. Only this way a good accompaniment of you as a customer is guaranteed.

Our expertise and independence also means that we are able to distinquish sense and nonsense about wind energy. On this site we give extra attention on the arguments for and against wind energy.


What can Kemperman & partners mean for you concretely? To give an impression, below there are a number of examples of activities we can do for you:

Kemperman & partners is the ideal party to assist you when you have plans to set up a wind turbine project.
  • Assistance at the drawing up and forming policy;
  • carry out ( or let it be done) of a feasibility research;
  • All negotiations with government agencies, Tax Administration, financiers, ground owners, energy companies and wind turbine suppliers;
  • Essays of the legal structure of the energy project;
  • Essays of the fiscal structure of the energy project;
  • Accompaniment of subsidy applications at institutions such as SenterNovem;
  • Essays of budgets;
  • Judgement of contracts;
  • Judgement ( or let it be done) of several marks and type wind turbines.
  • Performing due dilligence examinations;
  • Preparing and implementation of PESP and similar studies.

This enumeration is certainly not exhaustive; other activities are in consultation also possible.

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